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Squash in Schools

Are you a school thinking about squash for your pupils?...

Did you know squash is being delivered in over a dozen schools in Hampshire already?..

If you are interested, contact Trevor Leahy our schools development officer or Brian Ward our Schools lead coach

You don't need a court or any other special equipment. Just some walls! Contact our representatives to find out more


Hampshire Junior Squash can deliver a number of options:


1) Schools Squash Festival (6 week programme based in the school and at a local club) –

Currently HJS have run 3 Festivals across 7 schools and involves work in school for 3 weeks and at a local club for 3 weeks. Involves up to 30 children from Y5 and Y6 classes and HJS supply the coach and resources to enable the children to experience squash, many for the first time. It concentrates on the ABC (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination) basics as well and basic hand/racket/ball skills and the discipline of playing in a squash court. Overall emphasis is on fun and control and the cost per class of 30 would be £200 total

2) Single School squash sessions (6 week programme based in the school and at a local club) -

The School Festival programme can be designed for one school on 2 or 3 classes involved and up to 30 children per class with a competition between 6 teams of 5 children each.

3) Introduction of school squash (coach takes over a PE lesson for an agreed number of sessions)

HJS can offer to supply a coach and resources to come into schools and deliver 6 weekly squash introduction lessons to a class generally of Y5 or Y6 during the term time sport lesson. This can cover several class sessions by discussion and each session would be arranged for a cost of £25 - £35 per hour in school

4) Introduction of squash to Y1 – Y4 as well as Y5 and Y6, including development of a rolling annual programme 

HJS can arrange for a coach to visit the school and introduce squash to Y1 – Y4 classes with the assistance of a Teacher or TA. This will be run on the lines of ABC exercises along with an introduction to basic racket skills. Ideally this is a repeating arrangement for each year and the drills and exercises can be increased depending on year group and previous skills.

5) Supply of a coach and resource to School Sports day -

HJS can arrange for a coach and resources to visit your school and set up and introduction to squash during your school sports day, ideally this is done in a sport hall or similar but can be delivered outside depending upon the weather

6) Promotion of club taster days to a range of schools specifically designed to bring new children into squash -

HJS will act as an interface between schools and squash clubs with junior sessions to attract more juniors into squash. Squash clubs will set up specific open days for a single or multiple schools to visit and have an interactive session with both ABC exercises and basic squash skills all delivered by an experienced Squash coach

7) Introduction of Squash to other groups such as Guides and Scouts

HJS can link up schools and local junior groups such as Guides, Scouts to work with a number of juniors across a range of groups within a local squash club. 

8) Adapting school Walls bars to enable squash to be played in the hall

HJS can demonstrate and facilitate using standard exercise wall bars as a court environment for schools to deliver sessions internally. HJS can even discuss with each school the viability of building an outdoor squash area that can be converted from current space into a mini squash court

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