Hampshire Summer League

Hampshire Summer League Rules


To provide an arena for social squash to be played competitively throughout the summer. The league is not sponsored and the costs are balanced by the entry fees. Prizes are awarded to the overall winners and runners up, plus a wooden spoon to the bottom club.


  1. The games will be American Scoring, best of 5, 14-14 will play to set 16.
  2. Teams will consist of 5 players with a minimum of 2 ladies who must play in order of ability. i.e. Stronger Ladies may now play men. As this is a social league we ask teams NOT to play juniors. Teams are also requested not to field regular players from the men's winter premier league in any county (more than 3 times means regular).
  3. Anyone who has played more than 3 times for a premier team in the previous winter season can only play if they ring the Opposition and agree with them to find someone of equal ability.
  4. Also due to a lack of lady players, I will now allow ladies to play for more than one club, but not within the same club.
  5. All games must be played on either a Wednesday or Thursday night.
  6. Clubs with more than one team cannot interchange men players.
  7. The top 2 teams from leagues A + B will compete in the finals. Only players who have played a minimum of four games will be eligible unless agreed by the Organizer.
  8. The Organizers decision is final.
  9. Bottom club will be invited to come and receive their prize that will be on the night of the final.
  10. Results sheet must be posted or e-mailed by both teams as soon as possible after the match.  In the interest of saving the planet the match card is an A4 sheet that is e-mailed or sent by post, extra copies can be photocopied as necessary.