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Funding Support for Coaches

Sometimes the cost of doing a coaching course can be a factor that puts people off achieving the highest level of qualification possible. However, there are often sources of funding available to help part fund, or even completely cover the course costs.

The following information gives a few general avenues of funding that are worth investigating. Please be aware that funding pots tend to open and close at irrregular intervals which means that all information given is time sensitive so remember to get in contact with your Regional Office so you can stay on top of the latest opportunities.

If you are an individual or small group of coaches looking for financial support as opposed to a club looking to fund a larger project then try the following:


Hampshire County Council

Sport Hampshire and IOW often have specific grants available to help develop sport across a range of activities including attendance at coach education courses. In the past some Level 1 candidates have managed to secure a grant of 50% towards the cost of coach education in return for a set number of volunteering hours in schools, clubs or with HSRA.

Try contacting the Sports Development Officer who will guide you through the funding options available and discuss the application processes.

Your Club

Some Squash & Racketball clubs may be willing to contribute towards the cost of your coaching qualification, especially if you offer to provide some free coaching hours in return for the funding received. Providing funding for coaches benefits the club by increasing the number of qualified Squash & Racketball coaches and coaching opportunities available to members.

Hampshire SRA

It is also worth contacting Hampshire SRA to identify if they offer any grants to help increase the number and level of qualified coaches within the county.  Again it might be worth offering  to help coach at County/Feeder Squads in return for funding received.

Funding Support for Clubs

If you are part of a Squash & Racketball club or organisation looking to access funding to cover coach education qualifications as part of a larger funding bid, then try the following:


Sport England Small Grants Scheme

This scheme could help access between£300and£10,000available to support club development so if you can design a larger bid with the help of your club you will be able to incorporate the costs of your coaching course.


Grassroots Grants

Like the Small Grants Scheme, Grassroots Grants exist to support small scale community projects that have a positive impact on grassroots development and can offer up to £5000. Again, coaching costs could be incorporated into a larger bid made through your club. Grassroots Grants are administered by local providers.

More information - follow the links to your region

Cash 4 Clubs

This fund offers £250, £500 or £1000 to any sports club affiliated to their National Governing Body.  Once more a club based application is the only way to access this money but the application form is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

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Awards for All

Awards for All (A4A) is a National Lottery grants programme aimed at local communities. Amongst other opportunities A4A grants have been used to fund attendance on coach education courses. Non-profit organisations, and schools can apply for between £500 - £5000. There are nine A4A regions for England, each of which have a different funding focus.

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