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A summer Singles Racketball Premiership League?

At the Hants SRA AGM in July Tim Vail suggested that Hants SRA organise a 'more competitive' singles Racketball league, during the summer, in order to encourage the 'better' squash players to take up the game.  His suggestion was supported by the AGM and the Hants racketball rep agreed to take the proposal forward.  Dave Moore the chair of Hants racketball has asked that all clubs consider the following proposal. 

For attention of Hampshire Squash Team Captains - From Hampshire Racketball

Hi,  We would like to know if there are any squash players out there who are not currently playing in the Racketball leagues that would be interested in getting involved in either:

  • A 2016 Summer Singles Racketball Premiership League. This would be suitable for our better squash players who are perhaps not yet involved in league RB having a go at a competitive summer competition to enjoy during the squash down time period. The format will be either a 3 or 4 player team playing one game of RB best of 5 match. Please discuss with your team players and see if you can get a team up together and let us know! It would be good to get this going if we have enough support.
  • For those who might prefer something slightly less competitive but still physically demanding, have you or any of your team players considered playing in the Hampshire ‘mixed format’ RB leagues which run throughout the year? This is run with a 3 player singles and doubles format which gives you a full night on court of fun sport. No markers. Just turn up for a tough but relaxed night out? If your club does not currently have a team in the leagues please contact us so that we can help get you going. If your club already has a team but you don’t know who runs it, again please contact us.

 We are looking forward to hearing from any prospective new racketball player. 

Please forward this to your squash team players.
Dave Moore – 07919 450451

Stewart Chandler – 07974 937889

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