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Trojans Retain The "Farooq Mirza" Summer League Title

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Trojans Titans overcame Salisbury United by what turned out to be a relatively comfortable 4-1 scoreline to retain their Summer League title.


Amiably led by non-playing captain Simon Dancer, the Titans put out a star-studded line-up featuring Kevin Harris, Andy Dix, Adam Alldridge, Penny Rattray and Nikki Tidmus.  Strong though Salisbury were, featuring the combined forces of Five Rivers and SD Fitness and led by the redoubtable Julie Palmer, it was always going to be tough for them to overcome the defending champions and so it proved, Nick Brown overcoming a somewhat travel weary Dix to record their only win.  Match of the night was undoubtedly the no.1 clash between Harris and Rob Willway, the evergreen Trojans legend gritting his teeth to come back from 0-2 down to triumph 15-12 in the fifth and ensure his side would lift the trophy once again.


The Farooq Mirza trophy was presented by new Hampshire chairman Paul Roux, making his first public engagement since news of his appointment broke.  Many thanks are due to Steve Ralphs and Nuffield Health for hosting the final and putting on a marvellous spread for the teams and hangers-on (me).


Mention should also be made of the beaten semi-finalists, the Chichester based Cruel Dioxide (a figment of Tony Adams’ rather over-active imagination) and Bev Brockway’s somewhat gristly Nuffield Nuggets.  The league stages were run on an experimental ‘East’ and ‘West’ regional basis this year to try to encourage participation, and it is hoped to repeat this format next summer if we have a suitable balance of teams.


George Kousseff

League Organiser


The Happy Captain - Simon Dancer Receives the Trophy

The Happy Captain - SImon Dancer Receives the Trophy

The Winning Team - Trojans Titans

The Winners - Trojans Titans

The Unlucky Losers - Salisbury United

The Unlucky Losers - Salisbury United


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