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This year's HSRA AGM was held at Places Leisure in Eastleigh with the squash and racketball clubs across Hampshire being well represented. All the presentations from the HSRA committee can be found on the "About Us/Downloads" page of the HSRA website. The link is shown below.


HSRA AGM 2019 Committee Presentations


Several important decisions regarding the league structure were made:

1.  It was agreed that a 1 point penalty will be imposed on clubs who's team players are not current members of England Squash (with 1 week's grace for new players).

2.  Men's Divisions 3, 4 and 5 will adopt PAR 15 scoring, rather than PAR 11.

3.  Ladies Divisions will retain PAR 15 scoring.

4.  Vet's Premier Division will adopt PAR 11 scoring.

5.  Racketball (Squash 57) will move to full automation on the LMS system.  This will require clubs to enter ranking lists, captains to enter the scores on LMS and all players to become members of England Squash.

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