Hampshire Squash Leagues and the Lockdown

Hampshire Squash Leagues and the Lockdown

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Hi All,


It’s a sad milestone today, exactly one year since the last Hampshire League matches were played.  Been a tough twelve months for everyone of course – I hope everyone is doing OK and has been able to maintain some sort of level of fitness one way or another at least.


England Squash have still not been able to say when we might expect to be able to venture back on court – seems to me from the roadmap that 17th May (earliest) is most likely although I’m sure we’d all be delighted if it were sooner.  Whenever, I guess it’s already clear we won’t be able to run the summer league again this year sadly but it does at least now look as though we can reasonably hope to restart competitive league squash in September, although obviously this will depend on how things unfold over the next few months.


I don’t consider last season’s abruptly terminated league to be completely void in terms of promotion and relegation but clearly before we can restart the main winter league we will first need to assess whether all clubs can continue as they were, and understand ongoing team numbers and relative playing strengths.  All being well, I’ll email all clubs about this over the next couple of months.


I’m aware of the changed coaching situations affecting Avenue, Chichester and Lee-on-Solent – if there are any other clubs where the main contact for Hampshire League squash has changed please let me know via the usual email address (see ‘Contact Organiser’ on the LMS website).


So looking forward to getting going again!  Best wishes to all in the meantime…


George Kousseff

League Organiser

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