British Junior Championships


3 British Junior Champions from Hampshire!!

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CONGRATULATIONS to all the Hampshire juniors who entered the British Junior Championships in Birmingham.
Here  are the results in full:


GU17 Amelie Howarth Champion

GU13 Harriet Broadbridge Champion
GU11 Phoebe Griffiths Champion

BU13 George Griffiths Runner up
GU15 Elizabeth Dicker Runner up

GU13 Sophie Vail 7th
BU13 James Graham 28th
Gilbert Harrington 14th
Oliver Flett 30th
William Aldridge 39th
BU15 Harry Flett 9th
Jerome Porter 39th
GU17 Megan Light 6th
Florence Kersley 14th
Olivia Keefe 16th
BU17 Alex Broadbridge 7th
Oliver Coulcher-Porter 12th
Joe Pannell 13th

GU19 Olivia Besant 8th


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