Our Vision

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Latest News:  3 British Junior Champions from Hampshire!! Posted on 09/01/2022
To give every child in Hampshire the opportunity to play squash and go on to fulfill their potential in the sport

Our Mission

To create opportunities for all to experience squash by making the sport visible, accessible, enjoyable and inspirational.
To provide a development pathway that gives every child the chance to grow and improve as young squash players, allowing them to achieve their goals and ambitions, with the aim of creating the next generation of adult squash enthusiasts that will sustain the future of our sport.

Our Objectives

1. Participation

Grow the base of junior players and boost club activity.


  • Promote and grow grass roots participation programmes such as 'Squash Stars'.
  • Expand 'Squash in Schools' programme in partnership with PE providers 'Succeed In' and 'IDPE & Sports', to expose pupils to the sport for the first time.
  • Boost numbers at current club squads and encourage the creation of new groups.

2. Competition

Create the aspiration and desire to improve by providing and promoting competitions for all standards, from beginners to elite.


  • Support and grow Junior Leagues and Hampshire Schools competitions.
  • Run annual Hampshire Junior Closed.
  • Promote England Squash sanctioned competitions.
  • Play an active role in Inter-Counties competitions.
  • Encourage juniors to progress into adult competitions.

3. Development

Provide a development pathway for both players and coaches which allows them to fulfill their potential and ambitions.


  • Provide regular county level coaching for juniors showing potential, with the aim of creating competitive county teams.
  • Promote England Squash development programmes such as Aspire.
  • Run regular Level 1 coaching courses and encourage parents, players and teachers to qualify.
  • Promote Sports Leader and Squash in Schools qualifications for young adults.

4. Funding

Seek sponsorship and funding to support the growth of squash in Hampshire.


  • Investigate and apply for grants and funding from local and national sources.
  • Provide sponsorship opportunities to local businesses.
  • Ensure revenue creating events allow for reinvestment into participation and development programmes.

5. Marketing

Publicise and promote squash across the county.


  • Create regular Hampshire Squash and regional newsletters.
  • Maintain an active social media presence via Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.
  • Centralise all activity on the HS website, providing up to date information on all Hampshire Squash activities.

6. Communication

Create a community of players, coaches and parents, with a sense of belonging and value.


  • Breakdown barriers across clubs, county and region.
  • Work with Schools Games Officers and 'EnergiseMe'

    and other 3rd parties such as 'SucceedIn' and 'Rackets Cubed'.

  • Develop player, parent, coach and schools database.