Racketball in Hampshire

Hampshire RacketballRacketball is a fast developing sport now being played in squash clubs throughout Hampshire.  It is an excellent aerobic game which has increasing appeal to newcomers, junior racket players as well as seasoned squash players.


racketballThe game is similar in many ways to squash however the higher bounce of the larger ball allows for longer rallies and slightly less court needing to be covered.  While it is true that the game can help keep older squash players on court for years after their squash days would have ended, it is now being played by players of all ages and standards.  Tennis and badminton players can often find it easy to adapt to this game.  Racketball is also developing at regional and national levels with tournaments and other events now attracting some of our best squash players to play racketball.

More information on Hampshire Racketball including clubs, players and the county league